About jean heintz photography

Jean was born in Germany in 1974. After engineering studies in France, he discovered photography at the same time as mountaineering, as he felt the necessity to capture on film the beauty of the mountain light.

Jean summited 
over 350 peaks in the Alps, most of them in winter with skis, but also several 6000-meter peaks in the Andes and the Himalayas. He climbed many exotic snowy mountains in Morocco, Lebanon, Iran, Nepal, USA...

From 2006 to 2008 he worked on assignment for a French trekking company, climbing Kilimanjaro and crossing China from West to East : http://www.huwans-clubaventure.fr/

In 2009 he founded "Paris Photo Sessions" workshops, delivering 3-hour photography courses in the streets of the French capital.

Jean is a regular contributor to Hemis stock agency : www.hemis.fr

His latest publications were in the prestigious "Les Alpes" / "Le Alpi" / "Die Alpen", ths official magazine of the Swiss Alpine Club.

Jean lives in Switzerland since 2013.