About jean heintz photography

I was born in Germany in 1974. After engineering studies in France, I discovered photography at the same time as mountaineering, as I felt the necessity to capture on film the beauty of the mountain light.

To date I summited 
over 400 peaks in the Alps, most of them in winter with skis, but also several 6000-meter peaks in the Andes and the Himalayas. I had the privilege to climb many exotic snowy mountains in Morocco, Lebanon, Iran, Nepal, USA...

From 2006 to 2008 I worked on assignment for a French trekking company, climbing Kilimanjaro and crossing China from West to East : http://www.huwans-clubaventure.fr/

In 2009 I founded "Paris Photo Sessions" workshops, delivering 3-hour photography courses in the streets of the French capital.

I am a regular contributor to Hemis stock agency : www.hemis.fr

My latest publications were in the prestigious "Les Alpes" / "Le Alpi" / "Die Alpen", ths official magazine of the Swiss Alpine Club :

I live in Switzerland since 2013.